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Hello, my friend, thanks for visiting me here at The Singer Surives!

Are you looking to create a new income as a singer? Level up your production skills? Become the unique singer you've always wanted to be?

You're in the right place!

Whether you're just starting out, or you're looking to improve your existing skills, I can help


Live and kicking

I started gigging as a singer and musician when I was 16. I sang in restaurants, clubs, hotels, private parties and everything else. I found my way onto cruise ships and travelled the world as a singer.

When I got a bit older I started to take on acting roles and in 2019 took on the leading role in 'Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story'. My wife and I had just had our first baby and we bought our first house shortly afterwards.

I was a live musician, through and through. Sure, I'd done bits and pieces of recording, but I was a singer, not a producer! And, to be honest, there had always been plenty of work on the live scene, so I'd just never entered that world.

Then 2020 hit.


Suddenly, March 2020 rolled around and the world changed.


The tour I was on was cancelled overnight and I had gone from being a leading man in a successful show to unemployed. A steady wage to no wage whatsoever. I had a wife, a son and a mortgage and no way to support them. It was a scary, scary time.

A lot of my performing friends were forced to change course completely and become delivery drivers and shop workers, among other things, and I was convinced that I would have to do the same.

smaller studio.jpg


However, a composer friend of mine had recommended remote session singing to me a few years before as a way of earning a bit of extra cash. I'd dabbled in it and taken on a few jobs, without really knowing what I was doing. 

I decided that now was the time to give it a try, and if it didn't work out, I would look elsewhere for work like my friends had done. I was very fortunate, starting out, because I accidentally did quite a few things right.


I found a niche, I talked to clients the right way, I went above and beyond and so the business grew. 

I was even luckier, because I'd found creative work in a time when there was none. I was refining my craft from home and being paid to do so. I had been a professional singer for nearly 15 years up until that point, but my skills expanded more during the pandemic than all the other years combined.


So now, I've found myself in a wonderful position. The world of live music and theatre has reopened, and the remote recording world is bigger than ever.


I'm able to record wonderful original songs during the week and gig at the weekends. I set my own schedule, spend time with my family and get to enjoy the feeling of being the expert that clients come to when they're in need.

That's the gift this world of remote session singing has given me.

The even better news? There's room for every singer!

So, if you're interested in creating a new income stream for yourself, in levelling up your production skills and improving your singing in the most rewarding possible way, we really should talk.

These are the skills I used to survive in those tough times, and I want to pass them onto you and every other singer, so that, no matter what, The Singer Survives.

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