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want to create a whole new income?

I'm here to help you:

  • Enter the world of remote session singing and create a brand new side income from home

  • Improve your performance skills to carve out your place in the marketplace

  • Learn the production skills every singer needs to know - how to build your home studio, record clean vocal tracks and produce your own demos and reels

  • Become a singing entrepeneur - sell your skills online, negotiate with clients and build your business 


‘Can I please have CHRIS re-record every song I’ve done? He is a master. A+’

'Chris is an exceptional singer and musician.

I hope to collaborate soon again with this great artist! '

'Christopher is super talented, a versatile and professional singer.
Best vocalist I've worked with...hands down.'

Hello, my friend! My name is Chris Weeks and I'm a remote session singer based in the UK.


I'm a Fiverr Pro and Top Rated Seller and I've been lucky enough to work with Grammy and Emmy winning producers such as Paul Williams, Nick Ingman and Arthur Pingrey, along with many other wonderful clients.

Remote Session Singing is now my main income, but I actually stumbled into it because I suddenly found myself unemployed and needed money fast to support my family. 

Now I help other singers find their way into this fabulous, rewarding market, and have a great time doing it!

Would you like to hear my story? Click below


Let me help you







Are you a singer looking to make more money? 

Do you want to level up your production skills and create your own tracks, music or demo reels?

Would you like to improve your vocal performances and discover your own, unique voice?

Get in touch to find out more about one on one coaching!

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